Newspaper Articles continued

Patricia Krebs, "Mrs. Collins' Work As Art Buyer A Pleasure For Her And Public," Greensboro Daily News, Monday, 25 August 1975, p. B16.
As manager of the art program for the North Carolina National Bank, Nancy Anne Collins doesn't even regard her job as work, she says. she enjoys it that much; and well she might.
She has selected the 75 prints and paintings that will hang in the bank's new office building opening today and has commissioned for it a new sculpture by Victor Pickett of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va.,...

Patricia Krebs and Jim Shertzer, "The Answer Is Sculpture," Winston-Salem Journal, Tuesday, 5 August 1975.
"3 Sculptors to Be Chosen To Do Hanes Mall Work," Winston-Salem Journal, 20 August 1974.
Ted Potter, director of the Gallery of Contemporary Art, will meet tomorrow with a representative of the developers of Hanes Mall to help choose three sculptors to create works to be placed in the mall being built on University Parkway.
Potter said three of the sculptors are form the Southeast; Victor Pickett, who teaches at Old Dominion College in Norfolk;...
"Gallery Opening" The Virginian-Pilot, Tuesday, 2 October 1973, p. B4.
The Citizens trust Bank art gallery opened at the bank's main office on Crawford Parkway Sunday night with at preview showing of the Citizens Trust Invitational featuring works of top Virginia artists. Artists everett Winrow and Victor Pickett...
"Mr. Pickett Explains Sculpturing Techniques," Kinston Daily Free Press, Friday, 1 December 1972, p. 15.
Speaking at a regular meeting of the Art Study Club and guests Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Victor A. Pickett of Norfolk, Va., gave a vivid and effective description of the art of sculpture, his chosen career.
"Sculpture Commission Finalists Announced," The News and Observer, Sunday, 5 November 1972, p. 6-V.
North Carolina National Bank has chosen five finalist in a competition being staged for a $30, 000 sculpture commission to design a monumental sculpture for the bank's NCNB Plaza in Winston-Salem.
...and Victor Pickett of Norfolk, Va., a Durham native who works in stainless steel.
John Levin, "Area art lures businessmen to bring industry into Virginia," The Ledger-Star, 8 February 1972, p. A7.
Since the Medici family of 15th Century Florence, commerce and industry has patronized the arts. Now art is returning the favor.
...Last autumn, the second package, a series of multiple editions of a free-form aluminum sculpture by Victor Pickett, an associate professor of art at Old Dominion University, was present.
"Computer formed Aluminum Becomes Virginia's Gift to Business Leaders," American Metal Market, Thursday, 30 September 1971, p. 11.
Victor Pickett is a sculptor and an Associate Professor of Art at Old Dominion University here.
F.D. Cossitt, "The Art Faculty And Its Methods," The Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 17 May 1970, p. C7.
Fay Zetlin, "The Museum's...," Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 19 April 1970, p. C7.
The Norfolk Museum's current show of twelve Virginia Sculptors open April 12th and will run through May 3rd.
For example; Victor Pickett's "Transparent" is a clear polished acrylic cylinder with two warped planes cut into its surface...
F.D. Cossitt, "Patrons of the Arts," Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 12 April 1970, p. C7.
United Virginia Bank/Seaboard Citizens has just opened an imposing new headquarters building in downtown Norfolk that is embellished with many works by Virginia artists.
At least one major commission resulted from this collection endeavor, that being Victor Pickett's two revolving pieces done in stainless steel and hanging in the banking area proper...
John Flanigan, "Art League Opens Season With Dinner Critique," The Progress-Index, Thursday, September 18, 1969.
Members and guests of the Petersburg Art League met last night at the Petersburg County Club for a dinner meeting and art critique by Victor pickett, assistant professor of art at Old Dominion University of Norfolk.
"At Norfolk Museum: Garden Gallery toasted," The Ledger-Star, Monday, 18 March 1968, p. 10.
Art enthusiasts toasted the opening of the Norfolk Museum's Garden Gallery Saturday evening with cocktails and the purchase of paintings.
Ruth W. Burgess, "J. Carlton Potts Wins CAAA Trophy," The Progress-Index, Monday, 10 March 1969.
...There were a considerable number of entries in the show, with the judge, Victor Pickett, a sculptor, who is assistant professor of art at Old Dominion College Norfolk, awarding 11 blue ribbons and the gold ribbon and trophy of best in show.

"Pickett Named Judge of CAAA Trophy Show," The Progress-Index, Monday 3 March 1969, p. 3.
Victor Pickett, assistant Professor of Art at Old Dominion College, Norfolk, has been named as judge of the Petersburg Chapter, Composers, Authors, and Artists of America (CAAA) Trophy Show which will be held at Trinity Methodist Church.

F.D. Cossitt, "Business, Art Make a Pretty Picture in New VNB Building," The Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 28 January 1968, p. F-7.
The Virginia National Bank's Headquarters building opened last weekend with a double attraction for the crowds of visitors who have been watching the structure go up all these months; the building itself, and its highly touted collection of contemporary Virginia art.
The best job was done on James Kirby (two good pieces, a sculpture and a print), Victor Pickett, with four small sculptures (but who had seen a bad Pickett?), and Edna Lazaron.
"Audience Aglow, Too," The Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 26 February 1967, sec. Metropolitan Scene, p. B1.
Victor Pickett, Old Dominion College sculptor in metals, demonstrated his fiery art to a rapt audience. These photographs were taken by Virginian-Pilot photographer Neal V. Clark Jr. at the regular Saturday morning children's program at the Norfolk Museum.
Shirley Bolinaga, "Artists Play Show 'n' Tell," The Virginian-Pilot, Thursday, 23 February 1967.
If Norfolk Museum had a marquee it could have read "Vic and Dick on Sculpture" Tuesday night.
"Museum guests preview shows," The Virginian-Pilot, Saturday, 11 February 1967, p. 12.
An informal reception, attended by Tidewater art lovers, honored two Virginia sculptors whose special exhibits opened Friday night at the Norfolk Museum. The artists are Dick Cossitt of Richmond and Victor Pickett of t the Old Dominion College art department.
Cornelia Justice, "Delicacy and balance," Virginian-Pilot, February 1967, sec. The Lively Arts.
"Let the form of an object be what it may-light, shade and perspective will always make it beautiful." With this observation John Constable must surely have been looking ahead to the sculpture of Victor Pickett.
Joy Hakim, "He responds to time," Virginian-Pilot, February 1967.
Victor Pickett feels that an artist must respond to the age in which he lives. "He must be concerned with vital issues, issues of his time."
Jane Hall, "Art Prizes Are Awarded by First Lady," The News and Observer, Tuesday, 19 April 1966, p. 8.
...Sculpture -first - Victor Pickett, Norfolk, va., stainless steel sculpture, titled free form No. 2...
William K. Stevens, "Poverty War Enlists Art," The Virginian-Pilot, Monday, 4 April 1966, p. 17.
Culture aimed at children...
F.D. Cossitt, "ODC Campus Adds Sculpture," The Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 27 February 1966, p. F-7.
...A most happy exception is the case of Victor Pickett's"Free Form," the sculpture in front of Old Dominion college's engineering building, Kaufman Hall....
Elisabeth Burgess, "Shiny Steel Sculpture Emerges After Months of Strange Noise," The Ledger-Star, Wednesday, 10 February 1966. p. 13.
Strange sounds have been emerging at strange hours from the former machine shop underneath the east side of Foreman Field stands.
"28 Artists In 'Focus' At Beach Exhibition," The Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, November 21, 1965, sec. Lighthouse, p. B1.
Twenty-eight award-winning artists will be in "Focus" at the Studio Gallery at Virginia Beach today.
"Center Hosting Tidewater Art," The Daily Reflector (Greenville, NC.), Friday, 5 February, 1965, p. 3.
"Ten From Tidewater," an art show of works by 10 Virginia artists, will be held Sunday afternoon at the Greenville Art Center. (photo of "Planar Form")
William L. Tazewell, "10 Area Artists Exhibit 40 Works," The Virginian-Pilot, Sunday, 1964.
...The artists are Yetta Bornstein, Nanacy Camden, Dick Cossitt, Kenneth Harris, A.B. Jackson, Victor Pickett, Ed Porter, Charles Sibley, Walter Thrift and Fay Zetlin. They need no introduction in Tidewater, with the exception perhaps of Victor Pickett, who is joining the art faculty of Old Dominion College this year. He is exhibiting metal sculpture.
F. D. Cossitt, "Ten Tidewater Artist's Work Exhibited Here," Richmond Times-Dispatch, Sunday, 6 December 1964, p. 4-L.
...The sculptor is Victor Pickett, a new member of the Old Dominion staff whose work in forged stainless steel is being seen here for the first time. Pickett is a definite addition to the show and to sculpture in Virginia, not only because his clean, Brancusi-like manner is new here, but because it is handled with such competence.